We submitted 33,000+ signatures to the City Clerk

This morning, we submitted more than 33,000 signatures to the Seattle City Clerk’s office. At a gathering this morning, Honest Elections executive committee member Estevan Muñoz-Howard, Seattle City Council member Mike O’Brien, and longtime Seattle resident and Washington CAN member Chettie McAfee all shared their views on what it will mean to empower everyday people in Seattle politics.

Said McAfee, “The interests of banks and big developers on issues like foreclosure do not align with the interests of people like me: women, people of color, and people with low incomes. A system where money influences who becomes an elected officials is a system where money influences political priorities and the direction of this city.”

Muñoz-Howard added, “Honest Elections Seattle is our best chance at reducing the role of money in Seattle politics. We already have some of the most expensive city council races in the country, which are funded by less than 1% of our city’s population. This initiative will amplify the voices of regular people and reduce the role that wealthy donors and paid lobbyists play in setting our city’s priorities. This is our opportunity to create the system we want to see—not just in Seattle, but in our state and nation. Support I-122 to get big money out of politics this November.”

“I fully support the Honest Elections Initiative, and it is incredibly exciting to see this growing local movement to get money out of politics and strengthen our local democracy,” said Council member O’Brien. “As a Councilmember, I have worked to reform our local campaign finance laws and have championed the need to bring publicly financed elections back to Seattle. I hope the people of Seattle will join me in supporting Honest Elections.”

The signatures submitted today exceed the required voter support to put the measure on the ballot for the November general election.

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