Nearly every City Council candidate, District Democrats, and dozens of citizen groups, endorse Yes on 1-122, Honest Elections Seattle

Nearly every City Council candidate, District Democrats, and dozens of citizen groups,
endorse Yes on 1-122, Honest Elections Seattle

Seattle, WA—  Nearly every Seattle City Council candidate, District Democrats organization, and dozens of progressive groups are endorsing a Yes vote on I-122, Honest Elections Seattle, this fall.

Yes on I-122’s long list of endorsers (found here) includes Congressman Jim McDermott, former King County executive Ron Sims, the Seattle King County League of Women Voters, former Seattle Ethics & Elections Commissioners, and 16 of 18 candidates currently running for Seattle City Council:

Tim Burgess, President, Seattle City Council
Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council
Nick Licata, Seattle City Council
Mike O’Brien, Seattle City Council
Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council
Lorena Gonzalez, fmr Seattle Ethics & Elections Commissioner and candidate
Jonathan Grant, Candidate
Bill Bradburd, Candidate
Lisa Herbold, Candidate
Shannon Braddock, Candidate
Pamela Banks, Candidate
Tammy Morales, Candidate
Michael Maddux, Candidate
Rob Johnson, Candidate
Debora Juarez, Candidate
Sandy Brown, Candidate
Catherine Weatbrook, Candidate

Other local officials endorsing Yes on I-122 include:

Jim McDermott, U.S. Representative
Dow Constantine, King County Executive
Ron Sims, former King County Executive
Joe McDermott, King County Council
Rod Dembowski, King County Council
Frank Chopp, Speaker of the House
Bob Hasegawa, State Senator, 11th District
Joe Fitzgibbon, State Representative, 34th District
Pramila Jayapal, State Senator, 37th District
Brady Walkinshaw, State Rep, 43rd District
Gerry Pollet, State Rep, 46th District
Jessyn Farrell, State Rep, 46th District
David Frockt, State Senator, 46th District
Lynne Iglitzen, fmr Seattle Ethics & Elections Commissioner, fmr UW Prof in Politics

and more…..

Seattle’s major District Democrats (34th, 36th, 37th, 43rd and 46th), King County Democrats, and many progressive Seattle organizations endorse Yes on I-122. It also endorsed by a diverse list of civic engagement groups, from El Centro de la Raza to Asian Americans for Civic Engagement to NAACP of Seattle/King County.

More than 30,000 Seattle voters signed I-122 to put it on this fall’s ballot and hundreds of ordinary people have endorsed Yes on I-122.

Key components of I-122 include:

  1. Limit the influence of big money interests in city policymaking. For example, I-122 limits campaign contributions from big corporate interests that spend significant funds ($5,000+) lobbying the city and corporations with large ($250,000+) city contracts.
  2. Increase accountability and transparency in our local government. For example, I-122 tightens campaign reporting deadlines and increases transparency with electronic disclosure requirements.
  3. Ensure candidates focus less on big money donors, spend more time listening to voters. For example, I-122 sets strict contribution limits to no more than $500 in all city races and limits campaign spending by candidates who receive public financing.
  4. Give ordinary people a stronger voice in government.Enables more candidates, including women, young people and people of color, to run viable campaigns against big money candidates. Allows ordinary people to support candidates of their choice with four $25 Democracy Vouchers, costing just $3 million/year and funded through either existing revenue or a levy lift of$0.65/month for a $400,000 property.

Honest Elections Seattle is a grassroots coalition of individuals and organizations working together to strengthen the voices of ordinary people and limit the power of big money in Seattle elections and city government. We’re proud to be supported by both national and local donors, including dozens of local contributors. Our full list of funders is available here.


Heather Weiner